Welcome to Pot Stirrers!

Pot Stirrers came from the idea that many people when given options of board games to play will often go for something simpler with almost no strategy, like 'Sorry!' or 'Parchisi', over something more complex with tons of strategy like 'Scythe' or 'Terraforming Mars'.

But what if we could have both?

Seeing this trend I set out to make a game that was simple on its surface with as much depth as I could pack into it. Basically, seeing if I couldn't remake a classic with some modern twists.

Thus began my journey with Potstirrers.

I started out by making small modifications to 'Sorry!' to make it more interesting and then it slowly branched out. I wanted the game to be compact so it's easier to travel with so I utilized recursion as much as possible by making the board loop, using both sides of the pieces, and fitting the board inside a 5" by 5" box. Another gripe was how boring the board was, so I added more interesting slides, safe zones, and side routes from things like 'Ludo' and 'Chutes and Ladders'.

What about a theme!?

One thing missing from all the previously mentioned classic games was a theme, maybe for good reason, but I wanted to try anyways! The theme of Pot Stirrers came to life from my wife and mother-in-law complaining that when board games do have a theme they generally aren't aimed at a non-male audience. Cooking is something they insured me wouldn't immediately have them check out like many of my war or "guy" themed games do. 


Project Designer: James Moran

Developer: James Moran

Artists: Rachel Bradley, Carson Anderson, Jhonxay

Top Playtesters: Jenn Moran, Ethan Polley

Background music by: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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