Be the first to destroy 2 of your enemy's 3 bases!


Each turn you draw a card and play a card. After hitting "End Turn" all ships on the field will automate their combat in speed order. Afterward, you will begin your turn again. After 8 turns, ships will continue to automate attacks until there is a winner!

-Card Info-

Blue Gear - Credits - The cost to play the card.

Grey Shield  - Armor - How much damage a ship can take before it leaves the battle.

Green Circle - Priority - How to determine which card will attack first.

Orange Blast - Attack - How much damage your ship does per turn.

Card Background Color - Affinity -  Units deal 25% more damage and take 25% less damage from units they have an affinity advantage over.

- Affinities -

Affinity Advantage Over
Electric (Blue)Thermal 

- Priority -

The longer a ship is on the battlefield the earlier it will attack. If two ships arrive on the same turn the losing player will have priority to attack first. It alternates assigning if multiple ships are played per turn.

-Common Abilities-

Slow Doesn't attack the first turn it's on the field.
Stealth Can not be the target of enemy attack


First Attacks the first unit in the column
Skip Attacks the second unit in the row or the station if there are no units.
Last Attacks last non-stealth unit in column, station if none.
Station Only targets station
ConsecutiveAttacks the first unit in the column and any unit right after
Column Attacks all ships and stations in column

- Terms -

Critical hit- This happens 10% of the time a ship attacks. Your unit does 25% more damage than normal. (Green laser beam)

Miss fire - This happens 5% of the time a ship attacks. Your unit does 50% less damage than normal. (Red laser beam)

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